Why Choose Us

Learning on Location

Bring your classroom lessons to life! From Science to History, Social Studies to Literature, we will create an educationally sound experience that will meet your every need! We are well connected to the sights and experiences that will enhance your curriculum. One call and your students can be part of a personal learning experience to supplement your classroom through educational touring.

Providing a one-stop service point for schools' inbound and outbound travel needs, Transinex Educational Tours , seeks to go an extra mile to cater to students who are keen on an overseas immersion programme.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our main core of clients are from the Ministry of Education with whom we have got close working relations with
  • Transinex is a financially stable establishment who is also listed on SME 500
  • We tailor our price to cater to the students affordability
  • We work with creditable, reliable & accredited partners so that you can be assured of the best learning journey you would experience in your lifetime
  • We arrange visits to the various educational institutions so that you can see and understand what school life is in different countries
  • We offer meal variations upon request for the various student groups with diet restrictions.
  • As a responsible partner bring your students to another country for immersion programme, we conduct pre-enrolment session & pre-departure briefing so that your students will be equipped with the know hows before they embark on their learning journey.
  • We specially tailor-make our packages with separate itineraries for
    parents and students
  • We offer a wide range of accommodations for you to choose to fit to your budget
  • We are a dedicated and committed team with more than 15 years of experience in the travel industry.

Why Choose our Immersion programmes?

  • We have got specially tailored programmes to help to : Broaden your Horizon
  • Our Programmes Enrich your Knowledge
  • You will experience a unique Travel Experience
  • SE- Asia has a Unique Culture Experience which we hope to share with you
  • Great Learning Experience is what lies ahead with Transinex

Transinex Unique Selling Points

  • Household brand for the last 39 years
  • Presence of successful Transinex offices in the whole of SE- Asia
  • Full Fledged Travel
    Operator accredited by NATAS, Supported by STB, On SME 500 List, Singapore Airlines appointed agent and works closely with the ministry of Education in Singapore.
  • We have got a Professional & experienced research team to cater to your itinery
  • Tapping into our past experience with institution and schools in SE Asia, we clearly understand the market as well as the school’s needs thus aiming to create a good and long term relationship with our clients as they seek to explore SE Asia.
  • We enjoy designing, planning, and customizing tours so that your students can learn more as improving never ceases even when on holiday.
  • We specially customized packages for respective subjects eg: Geography, History, Chinese and for students from different grades

Our Products & Services

  • Educational Tours
  • Cultural Tours
  • Special Interest Tours
  • Language Tours
  • Church Camps
  • Sport & Adventure Tours
  • Music & Fine Arts Tours
  • Technical & Technology Tours
  • Real Estate Tours
  • MICE
  • Choir Cantate
  • Soccer tournaments
    And Many more.