1 July 2014


On 13 March 2014, thirty students from the Senior classes of Lee Kong Chian Gardens School, MINDS, embarked on a 2 day 1 night trip to Malacca, Malaysia. The overseas trip was coordinated by Transinex Pte Ltd and our lead guide was Ms. Teo Lilian.

Ms. Lilian was a very meticulous and friendly lead guide. Prior to the trip, she arranged to come down to our school to discuss a personalized itinerary that caters to the needs and safety of our students.

On behalf of everyone who were at the trip from Lee Kong Chian Gardens School, I would like to say a big thank you to Transinex. It was indeed a fun and fruitful Learning Journey.

Chow Tze Yuan


Upper Senior Learning Journey 2014 person-in-charge

Monday, 23 June, 2014


On the behalf of the team (teachers and students), I would like to convey our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to you and your team (Mr Chin, James, Shamsidah, Mike and Kamal) for making our recent maiden trip to Terengganu a truly enriching and enjoyable experience.


The journey was beyond our expectations. Despite glitches here and there (inevitable for any trip) other alternative activities were quickly made available for us and we were consulted every step of the way. Even though you were not there physically with us, we were aware that you too being consulted and your advise seeked constantly by James. 


We especially loved the location of the hotel, the food (really didn't expect such an elaborate feast for all our breakfasts, the last minute supper arrangement at the coffe house upon our late arrival, and at the respective restaurants especially at Matahari), the sunset walk from Tamadun Islam to the Crystal Mosque, the wau and the gasing activities (perfectly arranged at the hotel itself although we wished we had more time to fly the kites) and the Batik painting, which was eventually held at the studio of the venue instead of the foyer of the building as originally arranged. As for our VIA component, even though we didn't get to go to the original orphanage, the alternative home was cosier.  We were also very heartened that you all made the concerted effort to locate other venues to replace the cancelled 'kampung' visit due to the rain and eventually brought us to this lovely fishing cove where the students had the opportunity to climb into a fisherman's boat and take pictures with the old fisherman himself.


All in all, we felt that you and your team had gone out of your way to ensure that the trip went smoothly, any grievances dealt with promptly and most importantly made it worthwhile and enjoyable! We must also commend that the rapport created by both James and Shamsidah with the students has been stupendous! James especially is very knowledgeable and an engaging 'story-teller'.


Once again, thank you, Mia, for your making this trip memorable for all us. :)


Warmest regards,


Pei Inn

Moei Leng



Sembawang Secondary School | 30 Sembawang Crescent | Singapore 757704


The Aesthetics Trip has enabled us to achieve our learning journey objectives. Visits to the Sha Tin Choir School and Ho Lap Primary School as well as attending choral workshop conducted by famous clinician in Hong Kong provide insights to the learning of the arts. The school immersion programme is also meaningful and beneficial.
Both teachers and pupils were engaged in the activities prepared by the 2 schools that we visited. The performance at Disneyland was the most wonderful experience for all participants. Every participant was so proud and privileged to be part of this unmissable experience.
The itinerary was well planned as it enabled the pupils to visit many interesting places for optimal learning. Visiting other places of interest in Hong Kong also provide opportunities for our pupils to learn and be more aware of the behaviour, values and beliefs of the people from other countries.
There was much thought given to the meals which cater to the needs of the individual pupils. Elizabeth and Becky always ensure that our pupils take their meals regularly and they also provide standby food in case any of our pupils are hungry during the trip. The pupils were most fortunate to have such caring and friendly staff of Transinex Pte Ltd who are always attending to their needs.
When one of our pupils fell sick, immediate actions were taken by them to attend to the sick child while not interrupting the planned itinerary for the rest of the group. The child’s well-being was well taken care of.
Overall, we feel that Elizabeth and Becky have done a fantastic job coordinating this trip for our school as well as taking care of us during the trip.
Many thanks to the staff of Transinex Pte Ltd for their superb service- especially to Leong Kwok Wei, Elizabeth Chuan, Carman & Becky.

Mdm Zarina Bte Hassan
Chua Chu Kang Primary School 

I would like to express our deepest appreciation and heartfelt thanks to Transinex Travel for all the arrangements made for the above-mentioned trip. The students had an unforgettable experience and fruitful trip. As a study trip with most of the time dealing with company and university visits within a very tight schedule, the arrangement of the itinerary is very smooth although it is supposed to be very painstaking. Transinex Travel is very flexible and considerate, upon request from RP Staff, to make any necessary actions to the program and meals in order to make this trip more successful. And Care was taken to provide our Muslim students with food that they could consume.

Thanks to the great efforts and helps from the following staff in Transinex Travel during the trip:
Leong Kwok Wei/Elizabeth Chuan (Organiser)

Wee Lian Chian & Wu Liping
Republic Polytechnic (School of Engineering)

On behalf of the Malay Department and Sec 3 ML students, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Transinex Travel for helping us in the preparation for the ML immersion trip. The students had a wonderful and fruitful experience which they can never forget.

On top of that, Transinex Travel was also able to meet with all our requests and made changes accordingly to the itinerary. In addition, Transinex Travel was also able to get a good deal for us for the airflight tickets which enabled us to travel on a discounted rate. Transinex Travel was also able to get us a good Malaysian tour guide that was very entertaining, well-informed and very friendly.
We would like to thank the following staff in Transinex Travel for making this trip a smooth and memorable one:
1. Elizabeth Chuan / Kwok Wei (Organiser)
2. Amalnadhirah (Tour Leader)
Once again, thank you very much for this wonderful trip. Hope to work together with Transinex Travel again.

Mdm Isnani Ali
Zhenghua Secondary School

The tour leader, Ms Elizabeth Chuan is very accommodating and helpful. Most of the requests for changes were acceded to.

Mdm Luar Bok Choo
Yio Chu Kang Secondary School

Tour guide was alert at all times to ensure our student’s safety. 

Ms Joyce Seow
Fuchun Secondary School

Tour managers able to communicate well with both teachers, local guides and students. They were also genuinely concerned about the students’ well being and went the extra mile to take care of me when I fell sick on the second day of the trek.

Arlene Pang
Gan Eng Seng School

 The guide (Singapore guide) was very approachable and experienced. The travel agents were able to support all administrative work effectively and promptly.

Mdm Melanie Tee
Kent Ridge Secondary School

Thank you for helping us to achieve the objectives for our Green Explorers 2012@Taiwan.

The company provided good services. The tour leader helped the students to fill up the arrival card. When we went for Whale watching, due to some unforeseen circumstances, we are unable to see the whale. Once the company knew about it, they happily agreed to absorb the cost to set sail again on the next day. We gratefully thank them for not disappointing our students.
The tour leader is very caring. She almost helps to tie the girls hair every day. Her backpack always filled with the girls belonging.

Lee Seh Lat
Anderson Primary School 

The trip was really enjoyable and has met our expectations. The Travel Agent was able to accommodate most of our needs and objectives with great help from Miss Leong Kwok Wei as our Tour Manager.

The HK driver and tour guide assigned to us were extremely helpful and really took good care of us in ensuring that our safety is not compromised at all times.

Miss Tan Yar May
Greenview Secondary School

Transinex has designed and delivered a very enriching and educational experience which exceeded our expectations. It understand the needs of their customers and went the extra mile to service them. For example, they handled the Halal meal for the Muslim students well and deserves special mention. Co-ordination with the various authorities for the visit were executed throroughlt and with no hiccups (Thanks to Leong Kwok Wei and Elizabeth). We were served with knowledgeable and caring guides (May, Hong Kong guide). Transinex wored relentlessly to meet several of our difficult demand e.g visits to a residential flat. Their staff’s fighting spirit to ensure itineraries and booking are met benefited our students. Overall, there is no regret engaging their services

Sim Choon Sian

The agency was able to fulfill the school’s request though it was a last minute request – a banner was presented to the group upon arrival at Cambodia.

The guide attached to group was friendly and able to connect with the pupils. She was accommodating and patient , listening to the feedback and requests made by the pupils. The requests pupils’ made might seem to be frivolous, but the guide was able to manage them and satisfy the pupils’ needs.
The school is impressed with the agency’s prompt reply and actions. At the airport, the presence of the ‘send off party’ from the tour agency was a warm gesture and we were pleasantly surprised.

Jumat Bin Baba
Guangyang Primary School

This has been the most pleasant tour we have undertaken- it all went so smoothly and of course successfully. The organisation was exceptional - we had no problems with flights, accommodation, food, guides etc and we met some very lovely people.Our guides were a delight and looked after us incredibly well - nothing was too much trouble and they seemed to make things work as if by magic. If I needed a rehearsal room I got one - whatever I asked for they simply made it happen. Thank you very much for the care you took of all of us Madam Lucie also was a joy and she looked after Ann and Katie so very well - you have all been so kind.

The Festival itself was very well organised and again seemed to run very smoothly and the Friendship concert was a pleasure for everyone - especially the dance at the beginning!!. What a night we all had - such joy and generosity.

~ Lady Pamela (Cantamus Girls Choir, UK)
A Voyage of Songs 2009 @ Penang 4-8 July 2009



~ 钟声 (China)
A Voyage of Songs 2009 @ Penang 4-8 July 2009

Thanks again for everything, Kwok-wei.  And do let me know if you're ever in Hong Kong, as I would certainly love to meet up with you.
~ Angelina (Hong Kong Music Office Youth Choir)
A Voyage of Songs 2009 @ Penang 4-8 July 2009

My friends had such a great time there, and the fact that we got gold medal was really a blessing. I heard from my teammate that Ms. SY Lim was such a great help to them and everything was done profesionally. So far I heard nothing but good feedback. Thank you for taking good care of us.
~ Renny Yuanita Limanto (St. Louis High School, Indonesia)
 A Voyage of Songs 2009 @ Penang 4-8 July 2009

非常感謝您馬來西亞之行的協助。 只可惜我們沒有交出最佳成績,實在是因為團員真的很難招集完整。 不過我們還是很高興能有這個經驗累積。 請您幫我們向Pamela 問好,期待你們來台灣玩。 我一定會帶你們暢遊美麗的台灣。再次感謝,期待早日再見。
~ 玲莉 (Taiwan)
A Voyage of Songs 2009 @ Penang 4-8 July 2009

Food is great, service is ok. Transinex people are all very helpful. Kudos to Felicia and Sim!!!!
~ Gina (Philippines)
A Voyage of Songs 2009 @ Penang 4-8 July 2009

We are very pleased with all the facilities and services during our stay at Penang. We really enjoy it. Thank you. Please sent my regard to Madam Luci and Kelvin. We are looking forward for the next event.
~ Andy (Indonesia)
A Voyage of Songs 2009 @ Penang 4-8 July 2009

Thank you very much for all your services in Penang - Malaysia, regards to all of your
team. Appreciated for the good job of Transinex.
~ Jones Selnov Lubis (M4 Choir, Indonesia)
A Voyage of Songs 2009 @ Penang 4-8 July 2009

It was a wonderful experience for my children choir to be a part on AVOS.
~ Vyane (Immanuel Children Choir, Indonesia)
A Voyage of Songs 2009 @ Penang 4-8 July 2009

Thank you for everything.
~ Ms. Tee (MIA Ladies Chorus)
A Voyage of Songs 2009 @ Penang 4-8 July 2009