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Asia Pacific Arts Festival 2017

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Welcome to Transinex

Your Travel Specialist - We tailor to suit your needs!

Established since 1972 as a full fledged travel agent, we have evolved over the years from doing exotic tours to focus on group travel, especially in student educational tours & church camps. We have a wide range of programs from educational learning journeys to sports exchanges to music exchanges.

Our Mission

"We seek to provide quality services and products and create valued experiences for our customers”.

To achieve its mission, Transinex has set the following long-term objectives:
1. To establish, provide and deliver products and services of first quality and standards.
2. To continuously train and develop staff to deliver and create valued experiences for its customers.
3. To improve and develop new enriching programs & tours for students
4. To help young professionals start their career overseas
5. To provide young people embark on an enriching education with great career opportunities
6. To continue to promote cultural exchange worldwide

Transinex is also a member of the following:
1. IATA - International Air Transport Association
2. NATAS -  National Association of Travel Agents of Singapore
3. WYSE Travel Confederation - World Youth Student & Education Travel Confederation
4. SME 500 - Singapore Small Medium Enterprise Top 500 List.
5. SYTA - Student & Youth Travel Association

**- Upcoming events -**
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