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Bowen Secondary School Band Bedok North Secondary Symphonic Band
Siglap Concert Band - Singapore Tampines Military Band - Singapore
Whitley Secondary School Concert Band - Singapore Yishun Secondary School Symphonic Band - Singapore
Tshing Nian Klang Youth Bank - Malaysia SMK Seri Kembangan Wind Band - Malaysia
Bowen Secondary School Band
Bowen Military Band is about drive, determination and creativity. It is a manifestation of the school’s vision of shaping self-beliefs and aspirations. Led by the teacher in charge, Mr Heald Khoo, and the Band instructor, Mr Jamalullail Bin Salim, the band continues its strive for excellence and the inculcating of passion and love for music in the students. Don in its Malay traditional headgear, Songkok, and its signature red uniform with symbolizes passion and vibrancy, Bowen Military Band boasts of many achievements. Some of the most significant achievements were being conferred eight consecutive gold awards for the past 16 years and one of the first schools to receive the Gold with Honours award in Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging for Display Bands. Further more, Bowen Military Band has been invited to perform in numerous important occasions such as the National Day Parade. The success of the Bowen Military Band is not only a reflection of the strong school culture and rich nurturing environment in the Performing Arts but also a reflection of the school’s strong beliefs in a rigorous and innovative vales based holistic education. The raison detre of a values based holistic educational experience in Bowen is to shape her students’ and teachers’ self-beliefs so that they will be ready to serve their families, friends and communities, the Singapore society and fellow human beings in this globalised world.

Bowen Secondary School Band的精神是积极向上,坚持进取,开拓创新。学校的主要教学宗旨是通过塑造自信达成人生理想。乐队的带队老师和指挥分别是Mr Heald Khoo和Mr Jamalullail Bin Salim。乐队一直保持自己的卓越的表演水平,致力于培养那些对音乐充满激情和热爱的学生。 头戴马来西亚的传统头饰Songkok,身穿象征着激情和活力的红色制服,Bowen Secondary School Band获得了许多的胜利。他们最值得称道的成就是在过去的16年终连续8年被授予金奖,他们也是第一个在新加坡青年乐队节中被中央评审团被授予金色荣誉奖的乐队。此外,该乐队还曾受邀在例如国庆游行等重大庆典进行表演。 Bowen Military Band的成功不仅仅是因为该学校浓厚的文化底蕴以及良好的艺术表演氛围,更反映了学校严谨创新的素质教育理念。 Bowen学校所推行的塑造价值观为基础的素质教育旨在塑造学生和老师积极的自我价值观,从而更好的为家人,朋友,社区,国家,乃至全人类贡献自己的力量。

Bedok North Secondary Symphonic Band

Joseph Cheung was born in Hong Kong and graduated from Hong Kong Conservatory of Music with merit and scholarship from Royal Jockey Club. He received a Bacherlor Degree with Honors from Chinese University of HK. Joseph has been working full time for HK Government Music Office, Tom Lee Music Foundation and HK Academy for Performing Arts. He is also the founder of HK Brass, Tom Lee Wind Orchestra, Tom Lee Jazz Orchestra.
He conducts band clinics for different schools and community bands in HK and Mainland, China. He was invited to be a guest lecturer at HK Baptist University, HK Government Music Office and different music centre. Recently, he was invited as Music Examiner for HK examination Authority.
Joseph Cheung taught at elementary, junior high, high school and college levels for over twenty years. He was twice nominated as the Chairman of Hong Kong Band Directors’ Association (from 1990 to 2004). He was honored as Adjudicator of China Association for Symphonic Band and Ensemble and Consultant of Beijing Band Directors’ Association.

Bedok North Secondary Symphonic Band在1982年成立初期是一支黄管乐队。该乐队于2002年正式改制成为现在的交响乐团。在2002年至2004年期间,该乐团不断参加包括公演以及交流学习项目在内的各种活动。2002年,该乐队获得了在为迎接中国新年的Chingay游行中表演的宝贵机会。2003年,该乐队第一次与其他四间学校一起参加在南洋理工剧院举行的青年音乐会演出。在2004年6月乐队受邀参加位于财富喷泉的新达城的开幕典礼并表演。同月,该乐队前往吉隆坡参加国际交流项目。2004年12月,该乐队成功在维多利亚音乐厅举办了800人规模的名为“Vica la Musica”的成立庆典音乐会。
在此基础上,该乐队于2005年参加了新加坡青年乐队节并被授予金奖殊荣。今年,该乐队将再次在新加坡会议中心进行“Vica la Musica”音乐会公演。Bedok North Symphonic Band自创建以来取得了长远的进步!

Siglap Concert Band - Singapore

Siglap Concert Band achieved their first Sliver Award in the SYF Central Judging for Bank in 2001. Following that, the band managed to sustain Sliver Award in SYF 2003 and SYF 2005. The Band has ever since continued to grow in terms of performance level and maturity. The band took part in numerous public and internal performances over these few years. In 2004, the band held its first public concert at the HDB Hub Auditorium and embarked on an overseas trip to Perth, Western Australia for a music exchange program. On the very same year, the band also took part in the Balloon Hats Festival at Sentosa whereby the students designed, made and wore their own ballon hats and while playing their music. Siglap Concert Band, being one of the pioneer bands to take part in this festival, took part in this grand event again for the 3rd time this year.

Siglap Concert Band also managed to stage their second public concert during the June holidays, held at the NAFA auditorium on 11 June 06. They had great fun and a good time, playing pieces of different genre.

Having clinched 3 consecutive Silver awards in the SYF Central Judging for concert band, the band will continue to work hard and cultivate their love and appreciation for music under the baton of resident conductor, Mr. Poon Chee Mun and support from the school.

Siglap Concert Band于2001年在新加坡青年乐队节中首次获得银奖。至此之后,该乐队在2003年及2005年举办的新加坡青年乐队节中再次获得银奖。在此期间,乐队不断提高自己在表演力与熟练度方面的能力。
在近几年中,乐队参加了许多国际性公演。2004年,乐队不仅在HDB Hub剧院进行了他们第一次公开音乐会,而且前往西澳大利亚珀斯进行交流项目。同年,该乐队还参加了在圣淘沙举办的”气球帽节”,活动期间学生们穿戴自己设计制作的气球帽,并进行音乐表演。Siglap Concert Band作为参加这一节日的先驱者今年将第三次参加活动。
Siglap Concert Band于2006年 6月11日在NAFA 剧院进行他们的第二次公演。通过表演不同流派的作品,表演者与听众一起度过了美好的时光。
在连续三年荣获新加坡青年乐队节银奖后,该乐队成员会在指挥Mr. Poon Chee Mun和学校的帮助下继续努力,不断提高他们对音乐的欣赏能力。

Tampines Military Band - Singapore

The Tampines Military Band came into existence in 1986. At present, the band consists of 80 members, each and every one full of zeal in the face of music. Since its establishment, the band has been actively involved in prestigious performances such as the National Day Parade Mass Band Display in 1989, 1991 and 1997, and has also staged numerous public concerts, the most recent one being held in the renowned Victoria Concert Hall. Tampines Military Band (Brozen medal in 1999, 2001 and 2003,Sliver medal in 2005), as well as the Singapore Youth Festival Assessment for Marching Bands (Certificate of Merit in 2006). Currently under the baton of Mr. Abdul Samad Bin Rais, the band is determined to continue to scale to even great heights.

Tampines Military Band创建于1986年。现今乐队由80名对音乐充满热情的成员组成。自该乐队成立以来,他们就积极参加各种大型活动,例如1989年,1991年,1997年举行的国庆游行乐队汇演,以及各种公演包括最近一次是在维多利亚音乐厅举办的表演。Tampines Military Band于1999年,2001年,2003年获得铜奖,2005年获得银奖,于2006年举行的新加坡青年步操乐队节中获得优胜奖。现今在指挥Mr. Abdul Samad Bin Rais的带领下,乐队决心继续努力取得更大的成就。


Whitley Secondary School Concert Band - Singapore

Whitley Secondary School band has evolved from a brass band to an indoor concert band seamlessly under the able leadership of past and present conductors and band majors. It has grown in substance and style since its inception in 1968, winning many awards including clinching the silver award in the Singapore Youth (SYF) Festival Central Judging 2003 and 2005. For the past few years, the band has made many public performances, the most memorable one being the performance during the Chinese New Year Istana Open House and Istana Park in 2004 in the presence of President SR Nathan and the First Lady. We also took part in the “Balloon Hats Festival” in 2004 and 2005, an event jointly organized by SENTOSA and MOE to set a Guinness World record and help to raise fund for MINDS, a school for the intellectually disabled. 2006 has been quite an eventful year for the band too. In August this year, the band staged its 17th annual concert, FESTSPIEL XVII, at the Victoria Concert Hall. In the same month the band took part in the “Most Entertaining Band” competition jointly organized by the Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC and Bishan North Community Centre. Under the baton of conductor Mr. Sukit Wongchitsukkasem, who joined the family in 2004, the band strives to achieve greater heights in the future.

Whitley Secondary School Concert Band在各届乐队指挥及成员的不断努力下由成立初的黄管乐队不断成长为今天的室内交响乐团。自1968年乐队成立以来,该乐队不断进步逐渐形成了其独特的演奏风格。在这数年中该乐队获得了许许多多的奖项,其中包括2003年和2005年的新加坡青年乐队节银奖。
在过去的几年中,乐队多次进行公演,其中最令人难忘的要数2004年在中国农历新年总统府开放参观期间有总统SR Nathan及其夫人出席的音乐会。他们也在2004年和2005年参加了由圣淘沙和教育部共同举办的“气球帽节”,为MINDS一所智障儿童学校筹款尽了一份力。
2006年乐队也举行参与了各种活动。2006年8月乐队在维多利亚音乐厅举办了其第17届年度表演“FESTSPIEL XVII”。同月乐队参加了由Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC 和 Bishan North Community Centre共同举办的“最具娱乐性乐队”的比赛。
在指挥Mr. Sukit Wongchitsukkasem的领导下,乐队在将来会有更好的发展。

Yishun Secondary School Symphonic Band - Singapore

Our Symphonic Band was formed in 1987 with about 30 members under the instruction of the conductor, Mr. James Fong. Over the years, the band was instructed by Mr. Hoe Kong Foo and Mr Wong Ling See. The band was active in performing for school, community functions and the bi-annual SYF Central Band judging organized by the Ministry of Education.
In July 2005, a new chapter in our band’s history began with the appointment of our new conductor, Mr Lawrence Tan. Our band has since been very active in performing for important school events and also for community functions, such as the Chinese New Year Gala Dinner at Nee Soon South Zone’A’RC and the Family Carnival at Lot 1. In Dec. 2005, our band also went on our 1st Overseas Music Exchange Program to Malaysia.
In July 2006, we participated in the 1st National Band Competition held at the Victoria Concert Hall. We were awarded the “Silver” and Diploma Awards by the team of internationally acclaimed adjudicators. This has indeed been a great achievement for the band and participating in this “Festival of Music” in Malaysia is yet another mile stone for our band’s development and progress.
YSS Symphonic Band strives to bring good music to our audience and to use this CCA as a mean to help our band students grow and mature in their musical appreciation and character building. Our band is led by our 2 very dedicated and caring teacher advisors, Ms Jacqueline Tan and Ms Tay Kim Hilok.

Yishun Secondary School Symphonic Band 成立于1987年,当时乐队在指挥Mr. James Fong的带领下共有30名成员。随着乐队的不断发展,乐队曾经Mr. Hoe Kong Foo 和Mr Wong Ling See指挥。该乐队积极参加学校,社区汇演以及由教育部举办的两年一届的新加坡青年乐队节。
2005年7月,指挥Mr Lawrence Tan的到来为乐队的发展拉开了新的篇章。自从乐队经常活跃于各种有学校、社区举办的重要庆典活动例如在Nee Soon South Zone’A’RC举办的中国农历新年晚宴和在Lot 1举行的家庭狂欢节。2005年12月,乐队前往马来西亚进行他们第一次国际交流表演。
YSS Symphonic Band在致力于为他们的听众带去最美好的音乐享受的同时,注重其乐队成员对音乐欣赏能力的提高以及个性塑造的过程。乐队由Ms Jacqueline Tan 和Ms Tay Kim Hilok两位敬业和有爱心的指导老师领导。

Tshing Nian Klang Youth Bank - Malaysia

The Tshig Nian Klang Youth Band was formed in October 2005. The goal and objective of this band is to achieve a higher level of knowledge about band music for the youths.
Today, our band consist of 40 members and is coached by Mr. Ong Kim Leng and his assistant, Mr Lee Sean Hwee. Under the guidance of our experienced coaches, the band has shown improvements resulting from all the members’ hardwork and effort.
The teamwork of the band members is very strong, just like a family with strong co-operation. Our band plays an important role in school performances and is actively involved in band competition.

Tshing Nian Klang Youth Bank成立于2005年10月。乐队的目标和宗旨是为青年提供获取更高层次的音乐知识的平台。
现今,我们的乐队由40个成员由Mr. Ong Kim Leng和他的助手Mr Lee Sean Hwee领队。在这些充满经验的教练的指挥下,在乐队成员不断努力下,乐队获得了长足的进步。

SMK Seri Kembangan Wind Band - Malaysia

In the 80’s. the PTA of SMKSK discovered that the school band of STK(C) Serdang Baru 1 was doing well. The PTA of the school also discovered that some of the students from the primary level were good in music. So, the PTA decided to form a band so that all the students in the school would have a chance to learn music and the band members from the primary level could continue their love for music.
After some hard work, the chairman of the PTA, Mr. Lai Foot San, and other committee members successfully collected enough money. They had a lot of support from a Member of Parliament, Mr Yeoh Poh Song, and a state Assemblyman, Mr Yap Pian Hon.
The school band was founded on 13th October 1982, and officially officiated on 25th February 1984 with 72 members. Forming the school band was not an easy task at that time. While some people supported the formation of the band, others were skeptical and thought it would be a waste of time and money.
After some serious discussion, the committee members of the PTA decided that they had made the right decision. Excellent performance showed by the band did not let them down and proved them right.
The success of the band is due to the effort, hard work and contribution by the PTA.

在80年代初期,SMKSK的PTA发现SMK(C) Serdang Baru 1的校乐队表现出色。此外学校里许多低年级学生也都擅长于音乐表演。因此PTA决定成立一个乐团为全校的学生提供学习音乐的机会,而那些低年级乐队成员也能继续专注于他们所热爱的音乐。
经过一系列努力后,PTA的主席Mr. Lai Foot San以及其他协会成员成功募集到了足够的资金。他们过得了国会成员Mr Yeoh Poh Song 以及州代表Mr Yap Pian Hon的大力支持。


The SMK Kepong Baru School Band was established on the 1st of July 1999. The school band started with only 7 kinds of instruments. They were saxophone, trumpet, trombone, euphonium, snare drum, tenor drum and bass drum.
Mr Chong Chee Wai has been the band instructor for the school band since 2003. With his presence, our activities have increased with participation in the IOI mall band competition, ISKL music festival, interaction with other school bands etc. He is indeed a fantastic instructor who led our school band towards a brighter future as he improved our skills in playing instruments, and he created a school band that is known by others. Besides that, our first concert on 16th July 2005 was made possible. Eventually, enough money was raised to buy new instruments (tuba, piccolo) as well as to replace old ones. Thus, the band was able to complete its instrumentation.

SMK KEPONG BARU SCHOOL BAND成立于1999年7月1日。这支校乐队在成立初期仅有7件乐器,包括萨克斯管,小号,长号,低音号,中音鼓,小鼓和大鼓。
Mr Chong Chee Wai自2003年起担任乐团指挥。随着他的加入,乐队不断参加包括IOI Mall乐队比赛,ISKL 音乐节,与其他学校间交流合作在内的各项活动。他通过提高乐队成员的乐器演奏能力是乐队的知名度大大提高。Mr Chong Chee Wai是一个出色的指挥,乐队成员相信在他的领导下乐队将会迎来一个光明的未来。乐队的首场音乐会也在2005年7月16日举行。通过音乐会乐队募集到了购买新乐器(大号、短笛)以及更换旧乐器的足够资金。因此,乐队得以有完整的乐器编制。


SMJK Yu Hua School Band was founded in 1976. The difficulties of the past 30 years have made the band into what they are today. With the help of their dedicated trainer, Mr Chris Chong, the band hopes to maximize their efforts in preparing for future challenges.
The School Band is very fortunate that with careful handling and preservation, most of their instruments can still be used, even after 30 years. At the moment, the band members are working very hard to raise enough funds to buy new and much needed instruments.

SMJK YU HUA SCHOOL BAND成立于1976年。过去30年里不同寻常的经历造就了乐队的今天。在敬业的乐队指挥Mr Chris Chong的带领下,乐队希望通过最大的努力直面未知的挑战。


The school band has 24 golden years to its name and is currently one of the most established uniformed and musical bodies in Chong Hwa Independent High School. After undergoing a series of structural changes in 1994, the band came under the experienced hands of music coach Mr. Koh Hong Ghee. In 1996, the first indoor concert “Down Rhythm” was successfully staged.
During the 1997 school sports day, the band performed a fancy march with the theme based on the musical “The Phantom of the Opera”. In 1998,the “Summer Stars” concert was held in the school hall on the 13th of June. Due to the increase in numbers and standard of performance, the original brass band was transformed into a wind band in 2000. In the same year, the band staged a “Mini Concert” to show demonstrate that they have elevated into wind band status.

校乐队经历了24年的风风雨雨,现今它成为了Chong Hwa Independent高中最为制度完备的音乐组织。1994年,乐队在经验丰富的指挥Mr. Koh Hong Ghee的带领下经历了一系列的结构性变化。1996年乐队成功举办了第一场名为“Down Rhythm”室内音乐会。


Mr Li Hui Yun established Pei HuaWind band at 1987. The first teacher advior was Mr Koh Xin Fu. The band was first known as Military Band until 1989, the band bought a number of new music instruments with the courtesy of donations from the school and the band was known as Military Wind Band the following year. In 1990, the band received a donation from the school and bough some new woodwind instruments and outdoor uniforms.

Sekolah Menengah (Perempuan) Sultan Abu Bakar Wind Band was established in 1976 with the slogan “Bersatu dan Berdisiplin”. In 1978, SAB Wind Band won the champion in the Muar District Band Competition. In 1982, SAB band was requested to take part in the Perarakan Raksasa on the 24th National Day at Kuala Lumpur.
The main activities of SAB band each year include performances on the school’s Sports Day, National Day Parade and the Secondary School Marching Band Competition. In addition, the band has been invited to perform in various official ceremonies in Muar.