Festival of Winds - 评审团成员

AVOS Panel of Adjudicators - 评审团成员
Mitsuo Nonami (Japan) Joseph Cheung (Hong Kong)
David Authony Glosz (Singapore) Vanich Potavanich (Thailand)
Bill Buchanan (Australia)  
Mitsuo Nonami (Japan)
Mitsuo Nonami, a renowned band clinician and composer from Japan was born in Okinawa. He was a band member in the American Armed Forces station in Japan and was offered a job in the Yamaha Foundation after his graduation from the Nemono Institution of Music. He studied band composition under Bin Kanede a famous composer in Japan. He has been a widely sought-after adjudicator in Japan, Singapore and Malaysia. He has contributed much to the development of school bands in Singapore and Malaysia.
Mitsuo Nonami (日本)

Mitsuo Nonami出生于日本冲绳岛,是知名的乐队指挥和作曲家。他曾是美国驻日本武装部队乐队的成员。 当他从Nemono Institution of Music毕业时曾收到Yamaha基金会的入职要请。他曾在日本师从著名的音乐作曲家Bin Kanede学习乐队编排。

Joseph Cheung (Hong Kong)

Joseph Cheung was born in Hong Kong and graduated from Hong Kong Conservatory of Music with merit and scholarship from Royal Jockey Club. He received a Bacherlor Degree with Honors from Chinese University of HK. Joseph has been working full time for HK Government Music Office, Tom Lee Music Foundation and HK Academy for Performing Arts. He is also the founder of HK Brass, Tom Lee Wind Orchestra, Tom Lee Jazz Orchestra.
He conducts band clinics for different schools and community bands in HK and Mainland, China. He was invited to be a guest lecturer at HK Baptist University, HK Government Music Office and different music centre. Recently, he was invited as Music Examiner for HK examination Authority.
Joseph Cheung taught at elementary, junior high, high school and college levels for over twenty years. He was twice nominated as the Chairman of Hong Kong Band Directors’ Association (from 1990 to 2004). He was honored as Adjudicator of China Association for Symphonic Band and Ensemble and Consultant of Beijing Band Directors’ Association.

Joseph Cheung (中国香港)

Joseph Cheung出生于中国香港,毕业于Hong Kong Conservatory of Music,荣获皇家赛马会颁发的荣誉证书及奖学金。他曾荣获香港中文大学荣誉学士学位。Joseph是香港政府音乐事务处,Tom Lee音乐基金会以及香港演艺学院的全职职员。他还是香港簧管乐队,Tom Lee管乐队、Tom Lee爵士乐队的创始人。
他曾在香港以及中国大陆的许多不同学校及团体的乐队中担任指挥。他曾受邀在HK Baptist University,香港政府音乐事务处及各种音乐中心出任客座讲师。最近,他受邀担任香港考试局的音乐考试主考官。
Joseph Cheung拥有在小学,初中,高中以及大学执教20余年的宝贵经验。 在1990年到2004年之间他曾两次被题名为香港乐队指挥协会主席。他曾任中国管乐队协会以及北京乐队指挥顾问协会的荣誉评委。

David Authony Glosz (Singapore)

David Anthony Glosz is currently director of bands of St. Andrew’s Schools which include the primary, secondary, junior college and the alumni band. He also conducts St. Patrick’s School & Alumni, Temasek Secondary School & St. Stephen’s School and the Singapore Management University Symphonia. Prior to his tenure at his current schools, he worked with Raffles Girls School, the Chinese High School, Commonwealth Sec School, and Monks’ Hill Sec School & Beatty School Sec. he has also worked with the Singapore Airlines Group Band.
Bands under his direction are nationally & internationally recognized for their excellence and have performed at events like St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York, participated at music festivals such as the Pacific Basin Music Festival Hawaii, Honoluu (1992,1993,1995,1999, 2000, 2006), the Australian International Music Festival Sydney (2001), band tours to (Perth 1989, 1991,1994, 1995, 1997, 2002, 2006), Auckland (1999), California (1982, 1994,2001 & 2004) and at local band conventions (1995 & 2001) organized by the Ministry f Education, Singapore. Mr. Glosz was invited to showcase the St. Andrew’s Sec School band at the California Band Directors Association convention in 2004. This was the first foreign band to be invited to perform at the convention. To date his bands have attained 27 Gold Awards at local festivals in Singapore and 10 Gold awards at international festivals.
David Glosz received his music training while in school and during his service with the Singapore Armed Forces Navy band in Singapore. He is in his 22nd year of teaching and over the years has had the privilege of working with Dr. Robert Halseth, Dr. David Goedecke, Dr. James Barnes, Prof William Johnson, Toshio Akiyama, Meryl Wamhoff, Dr. Glen Price, Professor Felix Hauswirth & Dr. James Bankhead, just to name a few.
David Glosz is the current President of Band Directors Association Singapore since 2003.

David Authony Glosz (新加坡)

David Authony Glosz 现不仅在St. Andrew小学部、中学部、大专部以及校友会担任乐队的指挥,还在St. Patrick’s School & Alumni, Temasek Secondary School & St. Stephen’s School 以及 the Singapore Management University Symphonia 执指挥棒。
在此之前,他曾担任Girls School, the Chinese High School, Commonwealth Sec School, 以及 Monks’ Hill Sec School & Beatty School Sec乐队的指挥。他也曾与新加坡航空集团乐队有过合作。
经他指挥的乐队都曾在全国乃至国际范围内受到广泛的认可及好评,也曾在许多国际性场合及音乐节中进行公演,例如在纽约举行的St. Patrick’s Day游行汇演,在夏威夷火奴鲁鲁举行的Pacific Basin音乐节 (1992, 1993, 1995, 1999, 2000, 2006),在悉尼举行的澳大利亚国际音乐节(2001),乐队环球巡演(珀斯1989, 1991, 1994, 1995, 1997, 2002, 2006;奥克兰1999;加利福尼亚1982,1994,2001,2004)以及由新加坡教育局举办的当地乐队汇演(1995, 2001)。
2004年,Mr. Glosz受邀带领St. Andrew中学乐队参加加利福尼亚乐队指挥协会大会。 这是第一次有外国乐队手受邀参加大会汇演。至今他所带领的乐队在新加坡已获得27项金奖,在国际范围内也获得了10项金奖。
David Glosz在学校和在新加坡海军乐队服役期间专注于音乐专业的学习。现今他已经拥有了22年的教育经验,在这22年的时间里他曾与许许多多著名的音乐家合作,例如Dr. Robert Halseth, Dr. David Goedecke, Dr. James Barnes, Prof William Johnson, Toshio Akiyama, Meryl Wamhoff, Dr. Glen Price, Professor Felix Hauswirth & Dr. James Bankhead等。
自2003年至今David Glosz任新加坡乐队指挥家协会的会长一职。

Vanich Potavanich (Thailand)

Vanich Potavanich was formerly principal trumpet of the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra (1986-2004) and the National Symphony Orcestra (since 1992). He graduated (BM,MM) from the Department of Music, Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Chulalongkorn University. He began his trumpet lesson at Wat Suthiwararam School with Surapol Tanyawibool. Further on, he continued his lessons with Wisit Jitrangsan, Weerasak Aksomthung, Prof. Henry Nowak, Prof. Edward Carroll and Prof. John Floor.
While he was studing at the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, he performed as soloist with the C.U. Symphony Orchestra, participated in the ASEANY Youth Orchestra in Indonesia and took lesson of Samadhi and Joga for musicians with Prof. Choochart Phitaksakorn. He was awarded a scholarship to study trumpet at the Rotterdam Conservatory, in the Netherlands. He performs solo regularly with major orchestra include BSO, NSO and the Orchestra of Ampleforth College (U.K.). Vanich has also performed with Pop and Jazz stars, and has been invited as a private teacher of Trumpet Ensemble for the Thai Youth Orchestra and several other major colleges and universities. He was arranger and composer of many pieces for concert bands in Thailand. He also arraged the composition by H.M.King for the Canadian Brass on their Thailand tour.
In 1999 he was freelance trumpet player with MPO (Malaysian Phlharmonic Orchestra) under baton of Maestro Viktor Liberman and James Judd. In 2000, with the Kyushu Symphony Orchestra (Japan) and 2001-03 with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra unde the baton of Marstro Edo de Waart, Howard Shelley, Carlo Rizzi and Samuel Wong. He had fun with the HKPO on their Busan, Kwangju, Seoul, Macau, London, Belfast, Dublin and Paris tours in 2003. In 2005 he was a freelance trumpet player for Singapore Symphony Orchestra.
Vanich started his conducting and composition lessons with Prof. Narongrit Dhamabutra and more seriously in private conducting lessons with Maestro John Georgiadis and Hikotaro Yazaki. He has also take lessons with Alexander Myrat, Nicholas Braithwaite, Takuo Yuasa and Rear Admiral Veeraphan Vawklang. He would occasionally conduct the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra, National Symphony Orchestra, BSO Ensemble, F.A. Brass Ensemble, Bangkok Symphonic Brass, K.U. Winds Symphony. Suthiwararam Symponic Band, The Symphonic band of Bahn Somdej University, S.U. Brass Ensemble (Brazza) and Ensemble TIMF (Korea). He was selected to be the BSO’s conductor for their “Concert in the Park” since 1995. He was also selected to be the NSO’s conductor in the “Music No.5” TV shows, Asian Composer League conference 2005. Vanich conducted the Ensemble TIMF in the “Thailand Composition Festival 2006”. He was Music Director of the Bangkok Symphonic Brass Ensemble, and was recording with Philharmonic Orchestra (Thailand), BSO,CSO (Sound Track) and with NSO (Portrait of Siam Vol.1) as conductor.
Vanich is presently the music director and conductor of the Chaophraya Symphony Orchestra (CSO) and Principle conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra.

Vanich Potavanich (泰国)

Vanich Potavanich曾分别于1986-2004年在曼谷交响乐团和1992年至今在国家交响乐团担任首席小号手。他毕业于泰国Chulalongkorn大学美术和应用艺术学院音乐系。他曾在Wat Suthiwararam School与Surapol Tanyawibool一起学习小号。至此之后,他曾师从Wisit Jitrangsan, Weerasak Aksomthung, Prof. Henry Nowak, Prof. Edward Carroll and Prof. John Floor.
在他于美术和应用艺术学院学习期间,他曾以独奏者的身份与C.U.交响乐队同台演出,参加了在印度尼西亚的ASEANY青年交响乐团,向Prof. Choochart Phitaksakorn学习为成为音乐家做准备。他曾被荷兰鹿特丹音乐学院授予奖学金。他不仅曾与包括BSO, NSO and the Orchestra of Ampleforth College (U.K.)在内的多个著名交响乐团合作进行小号独奏表演,还曾与流行歌曲及爵士乐巨星同台表演。他受邀成为泰国青年交响乐团的小号合奏团以及几所著名大学的教授。同时他还是泰国许多交响乐音乐会演奏曲目的编曲。此外他还为加拿大铜管乐团将H.M.King为其泰国巡回音乐会撰写的演奏曲目进行编排。
1999年,他曾在由Maestro Viktor Liberman 和 James Judd指挥下的马来西亚Phlharmonic乐团担任小号手。 2000年,他成为日本九州交响乐团的成员。2001-2003年期间他曾在由Marstro Edo de Waart, Howard Shelley, Carlo Rizzi and Samuel Wong指挥的香港管弦乐队担任小号手,并于2003年参与在其在釜山,光州,汉城,澳门,伦敦,贝尔法斯特,都柏林和巴黎举行的巡回演奏。2005年他作为新加坡管弦乐队的自由小号手。
Vanich最初师从Prof. Narongrit Dhamabutra学习指挥和编曲,之后他又接受了Maestro John Georgiadis 和Hikotaro Yazaki的私人培训课程。他曾与Alexander Myrat, Nicholas Braithwaite, Takuo Yuasa 和 Rear Admiral Veeraphan Vawklang一起学习。他偶尔会在曼谷交响乐团,国家交响乐团,BSO乐团,FA铜管乐团,曼谷黄管交响乐团,KU风之交响乐团,Suthiwararam Symponic 乐团, Bahn Somdej 大学管弦乐队, S.U. 黄管乐团以及韩国的TIMF合奏团担任指挥。自1995年以来他就担任BSO花园音乐会的指挥。他还于2005年被亚洲作曲家协会选为NSO乐队“第五音乐”电视节目的指挥。Vanich曾担任韩国TIMF合奏团在2006年泰国作曲节期间的指挥。

Bill Buchanan (Australia)

Bill Buchanan left school one term of Grade 10. He joined the Australian Army as an Apprentices Musician at the age of 15. He graduated from the Army Apprentices School in Jun 1975 as a clarinet player and was posted to Australian Army Band Brisbane. He enrolled as a continuing student at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music studying clarinet with Rodney Jacobsen. He was awarded A. Mus. A. in 1982.
Bill was discharged from the Australian Army in January 1984 and took up an appointment with the Queensland Education Department as a Woodwind Instrumental Music Instructor bases at Maryborough State High School. Bill enjoyed a successful working partnership with Ken Hodgkinson during these years to set up and nurture a successful instrumental program in the Maryborough/Hervey Bay area.
In 1988 Bill resigned from the Queensland Education Department and resumed his military career with the Australian Army Band Brisbane. Bill enrolled again as a continuing student with the Queensland Conservatorium studying saxophone with Roy Thomson and clarinet with Floyd Williams. He was awarded LTCL in 1990.
In 1991 Bill was posted to the Royal Military College Band, Duntroon Canberra. Bill enjoyed many musical opportunities whilst a member of various bands in the Australian Army. He was fortunate to work with many gifted and inspirational musicians.
Bill was discharged from the Australian Army in January 1992 and took up an appointment with Education Queensland as a Multi Instrumental Music Instructor bases at Southport State High School on the Gold Coast. Bill currently is based at Benowa State High School. He also works at Bellevue Park State School and Benowa State School. He has completed 10 years service at Benowa SHS and Bellevue Park SS. He has completed 4 years service at Benowa SS. Bill enjoyed a successful teaching partnership with Craig Davidson since 1992.
Bill enrolled as an external student with the University of Southern Queensland in June 1992 undertaking a Bachelor of Teaching (Further Education and Training) Music. He was awarded the degree in September 1998.
He has worked in the Maryborough Hervey Bay area conducting high school bands at Marybourough SHS, Hervey Bay SHS and Aldridge SHS. On the Gold Coast I have been responsible for the Benowa SHS Concert Band since 1992. This group has performed creditably – placing in A Grade at the Queensland Festival of Music / Australian Academy Festival of Music since 1997. That group has represented the South Coast Region in Education Queensland Fanfare Competition. I also run successful programs at Benowa’s feeder primary schools, Benowa SS and Bellevue Park SS. And periodically conducts the Gold Coast Youth Orchestra Wind Ensemble.

Bill Buchanan (澳大利亚)

Bill Buchanan于十年级的时候就辍学了。随后在他十五岁那年他作为乐队学徒参加了澳大利亚军队。1975六月年他作为单簧管演奏家毕业于陆军学徒学校,随后被分配到澳大利亚布里斯班军乐队。之后,他继续在昆士兰音乐学院与Rodney Jacobsen一起学习单簧管音乐。1982年他被授予A. Mus. A.。
Bill于1984年一月于澳大利亚军队退伍。他去位于Maryborough州的昆士兰教育署应聘管弦乐演奏。这些年来,Bill与Ken Hodgkinson合作成功在Maryborough/Hervey Bay地区创建了一个乐器培训项目。
1988年Bill于昆士兰教育署辞职回到了他军事生涯中曾经任职的澳大利亚布里斯班军乐队。他以一个学徒的身份与学习萨克斯管的Roy Thomson和学习单簧管的Floyd Williams一起就读于昆士兰音乐学院。1990年他被授予LTCL。
Bill与1992年一月于澳大利亚军队退役,此后他担任位于黄金海岸Southport州立高中的昆士兰教育署的多种乐器指导老师。他也曾在Bellevue Park State School 和 Benowa State School执教。他在Benowa SHS 和 Bellevue Park SS服役十年,在Benowa SS服役四年。自1992年起Bill一直与Craig Davidson合作执教。
他曾在Maryborough Hervey Bay地区的高中执教,例如Marybourough SHS, Hervey Bay SHS and Aldridge SHS。自1992年以来他曾负责执教于位于黄金海岸的Benowa SHS交响乐团。这支乐自1992年以来一直在昆士兰音乐节以及澳大利亚学术音乐节上获得A级的骄人成绩。该团体曾代表南部海岸区参加昆士兰教育成果展示比赛。Bill在Benowa’s feeder primary schools, Benowa SS and Bellevue Park SS成功开展教学活动。现今他暂时担任黄金海岸青年交响乐团的指挥。