Having done major conventions for various performing arts (band, chorale), Transinex is equipped with years of experience in running conventions and events. Our biannual events would be “A Voyage of Songs” and “Jubilate” and we are in the midst of more events in the coming years to be held in Hong Kong, Malaysia and also China. Having had many years of experience, we are able to handle up to more than 1000 participants and to run your event/convention smoothly.

As a full time travel agent, Transinex serves as an all-in-one stop for your needs. We are able to provide logistical needs like the rental of coaches, guides, meals, arrangement of function/meeting rooms, ballrooms, invitation of guests of honour, manpower for the event and also to facilitate in the booking of hotel accommodation.

With regional offices in Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong), we are also able to penetrate these regions to enable efficient and effective marketing of the event/convention intended. Also, with our regional offices, we’ve close working relationships with the respective tourism boards and will be able to get their support in marketing for your event/convention.

With this, do look through all our convention suggestions in these cities – namely: Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Macau and Zhuhai.